Sessions - Coach La Palma


Now you can work on your personal development from the privacy of your home with online sessions.


We meet in my office in Santa Cruz de La Palma, as it suits you or, if you prefer, we schedule an appointment online (You can make the payment by bank transfer or Bizum.


Sessions with me last one hour, with a frequency of 1 time a week or every 15 days , depending on your needs and when you find.


My work begins by listening to you, without judging your life or actions .


Depending on the objectives or wishes you express and your level of commitment, we specify what aspects need to be addressed, improved or strengthened and we draw up a plan or roadmap to achieve your personal or professional wellness goals .


During the process I make sure that you know the resources and the most useful and effective tools to make your personal change a reality.


As you get closer to your desired results, we decrease the frequency of sessions . One of the principles of coaching is that you finally get to “fly solo” with your own personal tools and resources.